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How it  all works

Our Methods | Est. 2023

Our Process and How We Work

Request a Date


Request a Date

Whether you email us, call us, or submit this form, the very first step is for you to reach out and see if we can get you on our schedule so we can party with you!

Select an option

Thanks for submitting your date! Someone will get back with you shortly!!


Based on the information you provide in your answers from The Questionnaire, The Libations Selection Form, and our phone consultation, we’ll assemble a package and pricing information for you to review and accept.
This is a Quote and if accepted, the quote will turn into an invoice and an Event.


Now that Step One and Step Two are complete, we made the rest easy for you!
The Quote turns into the Invoice upon pressing Accept. Now your date is officially reserved!  You are booked with Double Oak & Vine and our affiliates, if you chose.  An Event is created for you and you will receive a link via e-mail for your event and can start inviting your guests to RSVP!


We've put a lot of thought into your Event before you ever even booked us and we are here to show you how happy we are to be working with you.  You answered a whole lot of questions in The Questionnaire Form that helped us collect cocktail preferences, understand what type of Event you are having, and even the types of guests that will be invited!  Now we use those details to uniquely create cocktails, pair them with our teams recipes and start helping you plan The Event for your guests.  We want your invitation to be just as unique.  If your Event has a specific seating arrangement,  a schedule of mini events, live performances or specific detailed information that your guests will want to or need to know before hand, we can incorporate all that into our Event Invitation! Want to say something special to your party goers? We can add that to the details surrounding your Event Invitation.  When we are done creating the Invitation, we will send you a link for  your approval and then you can start forwarding that link to all your friends and family that you want to attend.  They can either RSVP, donate towards a cause, or buy tickets to the Event depending on your preferences.  This is something we offer to you to help you stand out in your crowd and to help us know exactly how many people to expect. 


All of our craft cocktails are uniquely created to suit you and your guests.  Based on the Questionnaire in Step One, we will compile a menu and send you an email for viewing. At this time you will have the option to taste the menu in-person and a pre-event consultation can be scheduled.  It’s one of the best parts of the whole planning process!  Events without cocktails can choose to do an optional beer/wine tasting or skip the tasting and just do the pre-event consultation. The consultation is where we finalize details, align expectations, clarify any last questions, and if we haven't already, meet each other face to face!  Oh Yeah! You get to bring a Taste Bud to your tasting event!!! 


We show up a minimum of two hours before beverage service is scheduled to begin.  That's when we will receive the alcohol ordered, if there weren't plans made to do so already, and get all set up. Then we serve you and your guests the Libations Experience of your dreams! 
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